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Handing Off Responsibility

Posted in General, Jane Kise, Kidtelligent on May 28th, 2013 by – Be the first to comment

Junior Executive on a cell phoneAt orientation at my son’s college, the Dean of Students delighted in sharing crazy stories of “helicopter” parents. Parents calling deans to make sure their son or daughter was out of bed. Parents asking a dormitory head resident to assist a daughter with laundry. Parents calling roommates, saying, “If you ate the last piece of pizza, then you have to order another one so his son gets his share.” Crazy, yes, but these are all signs of panicked parents who suddenly realize their children may lack a few adult life skills!

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Take a Free-Range Parenting Step

Posted in General, Jane Kise, Kidtelligent on May 17th, 2013 by – Be the first to comment


parents_with_childThe term “free-range parenting,” coined by Lenore Skenazy, describes that 1950-60’s era where children, no longer tied down by farm chores or factory shifts, were free to bike across town, climb trees, float across swamps on homemade rafts, and build forts far from adult supervision. Kidnappings were actually just about as common, but they didn’t get worldwide press coverage as they do today. Broken bones were less common because children took risks earlier on in life, from lower obstacles, and learned natural caution!

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Balanced Parenting

Posted in General, Jane Kise, Kidtelligent on May 9th, 2013 by – Be the first to comment

boy-skateboardingParenting is a balancing act—and no one who is honest will tell you that they did it just right.

If you’re overprotective, your children become fearful
If you aren’t protective enough, they’ll have good reason to be fearful
If you guide or make all their decisions, they’ll lack the ability to reason
If you give them responsibility for decisions too early, they may be hampered by poor choices

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How to Choose the Best Summer Camp for Your Child: 10 Questions to Ask

Posted in General, Guest Mom, Mothers Perspective on May 3rd, 2013 by – Be the first to comment

Hispanic father and son hiking on trail in woodsI am a huge proponent of summer camps.  I started at summer camp when I was 8 years old, and my gym teacher, who was also the camp program director, gave me a scholarship to attend.  After that week (despite the bouts of homesickness and a few bug bites), I was hooked, and continued to attend camp each summer as a camp, then a junior counselor, and a counselor.  In fact, my first “real” job out of college was as a camp director, and I still have very good relationships with (and many, many very fond memories of) both camps that I worked at and attended.   One of the reasons I even agreed to go on the first date with my husband was because he too had attended and worked at summer camps.  The experiences at camp can be life affirming, life changing, and, well, just plain fun!

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