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Combining Your Child’s Passion with Their Talents

In recent years, a lot of emphasis has been put on honing the talents of “gifted” children.   For example, children as young as 2 ½ can attend soccer camps, and many high school students are taking college-level courses in particular areas of interest and skill.  But, as Craig and Marc Kielburger point out in their article “How to help your kids pair their passions with their talents” on the site Canadian Living, everyone has something to offer in terms of gifts – it is only our narrowed societal view that generally limits the definition of “gifted” to those children who stand out in academics or athletics.

Craig and Marc believe that by helping your child identify an issue about which they are passionate, and then applying their own personal gift to the issue, it will lead to a better world.  For example, a child who is interested in art might use their talents to create posters for a cause they feel is important.   Parents can help their child nurture this process by broadening their definition of “gifted” – looking beyond athletics and academics into a world of other gifts – and then showing their children how to pair their passions with their talents.  Finally, parents should give encouragement.  By encouraging your child to put their gift into action for a cause the child is passionate about, the child’s self-confidence will be boosted, and the world will be changed for the better.

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