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From a Mothers Perspective: Teaching Your Child to be Self-Reliant and Responsible

It is difficult to see your child struggling or facing the threat of failure.  Many of us know (or may be!) the type of parent who comes to their child’s rescue when their child is dealing with an uncomfortable challenge.  However, helping your child avoid discomfort and mistakes in the short term will hinder their ability to be self-reliant and make responsible choices as they grow.

In Dr. Robyn Silverman’s blog post entitled  “You can do it!  7 Ways to Teach Your Children Self Reliance and Responsibility” Dr. Silverman discusses the following seven parenting tips to help instill self-reliance and responsibility in our children:

  1. Allow your children to make some decisions
  2. Encourage your children to try tasks on their own
  3. Model responsibility and self-reliance (take note of gender line bias!)
  4. Be your child’s coach rather than his sage
  5. Be a good support system
  6. Provide them with responsibilities
  7. Encourage healthy risk-taking

Making mistakes is a normal part of life that can be a powerful tool for growth and development of responsibility and self-reliance, but your children look to you for guidance.  As Dr. Silverman says, “Your words and your encouragement have far-reaching effects…your children are relying on you to teach them how to approach the world.”  Does this sound daunting?  Kidtelligent can give you additional tools to help teach your children, based on their own personality types and interests.  Find out more about the Kidtelligent assessment at, and make sure to follow us on Facebook at

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