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From a Mothers Perspective:Teaching Children Impulse Control and Other Skills for Lifelong Success

We all want our children to have strong self-regulations skills such as impulse control, judgment, focus, and flexible thinking.  The efficiency of these skills, functions of the prefrontal cortex known as executive functions, is a solid predictor of success in various areas of life.  Researchers studying executive functions have followed subjects for decades, noting that the subjects who had shown impulse control as children did better academically, reported less drug use, and had greater satisfaction in their lives as adults.

In the “Not Just Cute” blog post entitled “Want to Give Your Kids an Advantage?  Build Executive Functions”, author Amanda Morgan suggests some ideas of fun ways to build executive functions in young children (Simon Says, anyone?!).  For older children, Morgan says to take it a step further by helping them plan a schedule of their day and reinforcing choices.

Poor impulse control, errors in judgment, difficulty focusing, and inflexible thinking are all obstacles we’d like our children to overcome.The Kidtelligent assessment can help!  It is about helping your child create a path for a successful and happy future.  Find out more at, and follow Kidtelligent on Facebook at


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