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How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores From A Moms Perspective

Last week my husband asked me when our children could start doing their own laundry.  I laughed out loud, but quickly stopped as I realized he was serious.  We have three children – under the age of four!  While I think it is adorable to watch my 16 month old twins try to help me dust and fold laundry by throwing it on the floor, I do sometimes wonder when is the right time to have my children help with chores?  I would love nothing more than for my three little angels to start washing, drying, and folding their own laundry as this is my least favorite chore.  As a parent, I know that I can’t be the only one with this question, or better yet, how do we get them to do chores when they are of the appropriate age?

In an article written by The Center for Effective Parenting, I found some pretty helpful tips for getting your kids to do chores, check out their article at  if you are struggling in your household to get your children to do their daily chores.  The article offers a dozen suggestions to encourage your kids to “hop on the chore bus!”  From starting at an early age (there is hope for me) and teaching one chore at a time, to consequences and rewards, this article will be beneficial for you and your spouse to read.

Kidtelligent has a solution that can help too!  Taking the Kidtelligent survey will assist your family with a multitude of solutions for each child.  “Anna the Energizer” thrives on celebrations!  When she does her chores, we have a spontaneous celebration.  It may seem silly, but she appreciates it and the recognition will give her a reason to keep doing her chores.

Thanks to the Kidtelligent survey, I was able to discover and understand the different forms of communication and recognition that will help each of my children thrive.  Now you can too!  Don’t wait another day!  If you and your family are struggling with understanding what motivates your child, visit today.  Follow on Facebook at


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