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How your emotions impact your child, from a mothers perspective

As a mother of three young children, I have often wondered what my husband and I need to do to ensure our children are raised with good morals, values, don’t do drugs, etc.  Aside from having their police officer father threaten to arrest them, it haunts me often as I see so many children and families struggling.  Where did they go wrong, and how can I steer my children in the right direction?  I’d like to keep them sheltered, living in a bubble, monitoring all of their conversations, and chaperoning every event I possibly can.  I know I can’t do that.  My parents didn’t do that to me and I turned out just fine.  So what’s the secret?  How do we, as parents, raise the best and brightest kids in today’s tough world?

I came across an article I suggest every parent glance at.  It’s really quite simple to comprehend and follow some of the basic principles in the article.  Visit  The article will help parents understand how their emotions can impact their children.  I often tell my husband to watch his language around the kids, so they don’t repeat those four letter words.  However, I never thought about how my negative attitude towards my job was affecting my children.  I had so much negativity and anxiety about my job, and I wasn’t even thinking about how my attitude was impacting my kids.

Having three children, all with different personalities, it made me wonder how each child perceived my attitude?  I have discovered an AMAZING website,, where they have an awesome tool you can use to learn more about your child and their personality type.  What I learned about my oldest, “Anna,” is that she is an Energizer!  Well, I already knew this, but having it explained was awesome.  It further made me understand how Anna needs to be recognized at home, how negative feedback is something she will take personally, and what types of things motivate my child.  As I mentioned, all three of my children have very different personalities, each of them unique.  The article about our emotions being contagious as parents has a direct correlation with the Kidtelligent survey.  It can help all of us better understand how to communicate to each child, as one may need more direction or recognition than the other.

Hopefully, if you are a parent like I am, you want nothing but the best for your children.  Do yourself a favor and read the article and then visit  to learn more about your children and how taking the assessment for each child can offer some excellent solutions for any obstacle you may face with your children.


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