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Ideas to Help Calm a Hyperactive Child

Today was a conference day at my oldest son’s school.  Although it was wonderful to have an extra day with my oldest at home, this also meant that I had not just one, but two very active boys spending the day with me.  Neither of my boys have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but both have the ability to tire me out in mere minutes with all of their energy.  Luckily I had a blog post entitled “Calming Tips for Hyperactive Children” written by Jeannine Virtue on hand.   In her article, Virtue outlines various quick tips for calming a hyperactive child – such as putting together a “Boredom Box.”  She also  talks about creating a calming home environment and consistent routine, suggests techniques such as journaling and guided imagery, and speaks about how diet affects ADHD and hyperactivity.  I brought out my boys’ “Boredom Boxes”, and soon my sons went from running through the house making siren noises at the tops of their lungs to quietly playing and exploring in their own space.

Trying to calm a child with hyperactivity during temper outbursts or unusually rowdy times can be difficult and tiring for the parent.  In addition to resources like Virtue’s article, another fantastic resource is the Kidtelligent assessment!  Kidtelligent’s unique system will give you insights into your child’s personality type, and will provide you with a roadmap to help influence your child’s choices to help them be successful.

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