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Siblings, Legos and Other Desperate Moves

boys-fixingMy children didn’t always like playing together. Shocking? I hope not! Occasionally, siblings are a perfect match for each other, but mine had very little in common other than parents! Extravert, introvert. Boy, girl. Mr. Rogers, Barney. See what I mean?

They did both like Legos. And we capitalized on that. We could open a Lego store with all the sets we have. They also happily engaged in the same crafts. And willingly shared our Little Tykes plastic version of a wooden train set. So we tried to let them do those things without us. A lot. We knew they needed to play together to be able to play together.

If you only have a few hours each day with your little ones, it can be oh, so tempting to play with them every second. The downside? They may not be able to entertain themselves without you (I do remember a stint where I couldn’t cook dinner unless the “angels” were watching TV…).

That’s why we have a closet full of Lego’s. We had to back up and figure out how to let them play on your own. If you want to avoid the trap we fell into, observe what they’ll do together and then back off. At least for a few minutes a day. Then they’ll know they don’t need Mom or Dad to organize their fun!!

Jane Kise, Ed.D. – Educational Advisor and Consultant, 
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