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Filling Your Child’s “Love Tank” Much Cheaper and More Rewarding Than the Gas Station

Posted in Guest Mom on December 27th, 2011 by – Be the first to comment

Yesterday my older son gave me a drawing he lovingly created just for me.  Unfortunately, since the moment he chose to hand it to me was when I had just noticed my youngest son’s determination to lick his fingers that he had just stuck in the un-flushed toilet, I set down the drawing and darted to my younger son.  Moments later I had saved my youngest from E. coli (for now), but found my oldest in his room crying.  He told me that he felt like I didn’t love him because I just set his picture down without looking at it.  As a mother, this just crushes your heart, but I admit that I was a little taken aback as well.  I am not one who associates gifts with “love,” so I didn’t immediately understand the amount of emphasis he had put on his gift to me, or, in the words of Joline in an article about love languages on the blog Blissfully Domestic,, I was not being very “love-lingual” with my oldest son.

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The Art of “Giving Thanks”

Posted in Mothers Perspective on December 5th, 2011 by – 1 Comment

With the Thanksgiving behind us, our minds are now moving on to the flurry of winter holidays that invariably revolve around gift giving and receiving.  In an interview by Connie Colla with Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento, author of the “Simply Parenting” series, Dr. LoFrumento gives tips on how to instill in our children a sense of philanthropy and how to teach them not to take what they have for granted.  Dr. LoFrumento suggests doing things like including all of your family members in the meal planning and preparation, talking about the meaning of the harvest and the importance of healthy food, and discussing how other children, even in our own communities, may have much less than they do.

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Tuesdays with Jane: Are You Allowing Your Child to Fail?

Posted in Jane Kise on November 15th, 2011 by – Be the first to comment

If you answered, “Of course not,” your child may be in danger of failure. If you answered, “Of course,” you may be succeeding at “Good-Enough Parenting.”

Say what?

Well, as Edison put it, “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.” Michael Jordan points out that he failed 26 times when trusted to take the game-winning shot. Learn to fail, or fail to learn, is a new phrase that is catching on with educators.

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