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How to Handle Sibling Fights

Posted in General, Guest Mom, Kidtelligent, Mothers Perspective, Web Connections on December 6th, 2012 by – Be the first to comment

David Frost said, “Having one child makes you a parent; having two you are a referee.”  Although this quote may elicit a few understanding chuckles, followed by visions of wearing a striped uniform handing out judgments in the form of red cards or penalty yards, in the world of sibling fights, this does not mean your job is to figure out right from wrong.  As stated by, the definition of “referee” is “one to whom something is referred, especially for decision or settlement; arbitrator.”  In the blog post “How to Intervene in a Sibling Fight” on Dr. Laura Markham teaches us some tips about how to best referee sibling fights.

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Avoiding Meltdowns

Posted in General, Jane Kise, Kidtelligent on August 17th, 2012 by – Be the first to comment

Ah, the sound of young ones screaming in grocery stores, malls or other retail establishments…those of us who have at one point or other discovered that the toddler we have in tow is really too tired for public appearances do have a bit of sympathy for the poor parent or nanny, don’t we? Of course, some of us with selective memories fool ourselves into thinking, My children never behaved that way!

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Discipline Disagreements: When Parents Don’t See Eye-to-Eye

Posted in Mothers Perspective on January 12th, 2012 by – Be the first to comment

Finding a discipline strategy that resonates with your own personal values and that is effective is oftentimes difficult enough, but if both parents can’t agree on a discipline philosophy, nobody in the family wins.  In the article “When Parents Disagree on Discipline,”  author Amy McCready discusses five strategies that can help bring both parents closer together on the discipline spectrum.  McCready’s suggestions are as follows:

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Tuesdays with Jane:Does Your Child Lose Things Constantly? (Reframing)

Posted in Jane Kise on November 22nd, 2011 by – Be the first to comment

“How could you possibly lose something as big and as important as a jacket?” my mother lamented—more than once. I lost sweaters, raincoats, even my winter jacket. How? Well, to wear it home, I’d need to remember that I wore it in the first place. I was seldom aware of such realities as a grade school child, whereas my mother never misplaced anything in the first 80 years of her life!

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