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The Ups and Downs of Competition

Posted in General, Jane Kise, Kidtelligent on August 9th, 2013 by – Be the first to comment

coach-boxing Summer often means soccer tournaments, baseball playoffs, and dance competitions. How does your child fare? Some thrive on competing to win while others melt. Saying, “Just relax and go for it” isn’t always helpful.

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Teacher Conferences

Posted in General, Jane Kise, Kidtelligent, Web Connections on March 7th, 2013 by – Be the first to comment

teacher-students-globeParents, teachers, students…it’s hard to tell who is more nervous about those conferences. They’re seldom long enough, and often not private enough, for deep conversation. So how can you get the most out of them?

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What’s Your Discipline Plan?

Posted in General, Jane Kise, Kidtelligent on August 28th, 2012 by – Be the first to comment

Most parents of more than one child know that the best discipline tools for one child can be a disaster with another. Fair isn’t necessarily equal or the same! Perhaps one of your children is a pleaser—and any indication of disappointment on your part brings apology and a promise to do better. Perhaps another is a natural leader—and would like to start running your house right now, sure of several improvement ideas! A stern look might bring tears to the first and eye-rolling—or worse—in the other.

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A Serene Space for Children

Posted in Guest Mom, Kidtelligent, Mothers Perspective, Web Connections on August 21st, 2012 by – Be the first to comment

During our hectic, overscheduled days filled with play dates, sports practices, birthday parties, homework, and endless errands, not to mention the constant bombardment of electronic stimulation by cell phones, iPads, and hand-held games, having a time and space for quiet contemplation may feel like a foreign, but definitely welcomed, concept.  Katherine Lockett from Creative Playhouse wrote a guest post on Not Just Cute called “Creating a Quiet Space for Children” with wonderful suggestions about how to create a serene space for your child.

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What Can You Do To Help Prevent Bullying?

Posted in Mothers Perspective on January 19th, 2012 by – 1 Comment

Bullying is a very real, very grave issue in the United States. According to the article “What Parents Can Do About Teen Bullying”, an estimated 11% to 25% of teenagers are bullied in the U.S.  Additionally, approximately 160,000 students miss school every day to avoid being bullied.  Bullying can cause very serious physical and emotional pain, and, in some cases, is a prominent reason for suicide attempts.  Oftentimes the child who is being bullied feels embarrassed and humiliated, and they may not have the confidence to confide in their parents or to seek help.  These teens are suffering in silence.  So what can parents do to help their child develop the skill set needed to strengthen confidence and the parent-child bond?  The authors of this article suggest “building a home court advantage,” and propose doing so by following the following four steps:

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Ideas to Help Calm a Hyperactive Child

Posted in Kidtelligent, Mothers Perspective on December 1st, 2011 by – Be the first to comment

Today was a conference day at my oldest son’s school.  Although it was wonderful to have an extra day with my oldest at home, this also meant that I had not just one, but two very active boys spending the day with me.  Neither of my boys have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but both have the ability to tire me out in mere minutes with all of their energy.  Luckily I had a blog post entitled “Calming Tips for Hyperactive Children” written by Jeannine Virtue on hand.   In her article, Virtue outlines various quick tips for calming a hyperactive child – such as putting together a “Boredom Box.”  She also  talks about creating a calming home environment and consistent routine, suggests techniques such as journaling and guided imagery, and speaks about how diet affects ADHD and hyperactivity.  I brought out my boys’ “Boredom Boxes”, and soon my sons went from running through the house making siren noises at the tops of their lungs to quietly playing and exploring in their own space.

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My Kid Is Not Like Me How Can I Understand What They Are Going Through?

Posted in Barnaby's Video Spotlight on November 23rd, 2011 by – Be the first to comment

Our newest Kidtelligent video interview with a parent focuses on understanding differences. Listen as this father explains to Gerry Barnaby how his daughter is more like his wife and understanding the way they respond to things has been a huge benefit to him as a father and a husband!

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Kids and Sports, how far do you go and is it a good fit?

Posted in Guest Mom, Mothers Perspective on November 21st, 2011 by – Be the first to comment

My 11 year old nephew plays travel baseball.  I don’t mean travel to the nearest baseball field and play a game.  I mean, travel the country every weekend for 12 weeks and play baseball.  Pack up your family and go, every single weekend.  While I respect the decision that the parents of my nephew and every other ball player’s parents to be so involved in this sport, I often wonder if it’s for me.  My husband and I have this conversation every year around the time my nephew starts his fundraising.  Do we really want our kids to be this involved in sports?  I was a three sport athlete, so my first inclination is absolutely!  But I have to wonder, is it more for the parent or the child?

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What if My Child Really Doesn’t Fit In? Seven Tips to Help Your Child When He Feels Different From Everyone Else

Posted in Guest Mom on November 16th, 2011 by – Be the first to comment

Everyone’s had moments in their lives when they’ve felt as though no one else understood them – and it can be a very vulnerable and scary feeling.   If your child is having difficulty fitting in with their peer group, it can be very distressing for both the child and the parent.   It becomes even more painful if your child is picked on or bullied for being different.  With stories of bullying peppering the news, this is a very real issue that needs to be addressed.  On the Empowering Parents blog, James Lehman, MSW gives seven tips to help give your child the tools they need when faced with this situation (  Lehman elaborates on the following tips in his article:

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How your emotions impact your child, from a mothers perspective

Posted in Mothers Perspective on November 11th, 2011 by – 1 Comment

As a mother of three young children, I have often wondered what my husband and I need to do to ensure our children are raised with good morals, values, don’t do drugs, etc.  Aside from having their police officer father threaten to arrest them, it haunts me often as I see so many children and families struggling.  Where did they go wrong, and how can I steer my children in the right direction?  I’d like to keep them sheltered, living in a bubble, monitoring all of their conversations, and chaperoning every event I possibly can.  I know I can’t do that.  My parents didn’t do that to me and I turned out just fine.  So what’s the secret?  How do we, as parents, raise the best and brightest kids in today’s tough world?

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