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The Art of “Giving Thanks”

With the Thanksgiving behind us, our minds are now moving on to the flurry of winter holidays that invariably revolve around gift giving and receiving.  In an interview by Connie Colla with Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento, author of the “Simply Parenting” series, Dr. LoFrumento gives tips on how to instill in our children a sense of philanthropy and how to teach them not to take what they have for granted.  Dr. LoFrumento suggests doing things like including all of your family members in the meal planning and preparation, talking about the meaning of the harvest and the importance of healthy food, and discussing how other children, even in our own communities, may have much less than they do.

Dr. Lofrumento suggests using the Thanksgiving meal as the starting point, but even though that holiday has now officially passed, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year to start talking to your children about the importance of being thankful and giving.  Raejean Roberts, on the blog site “Today’s Mama Arizona Mama” presents her family traditions of creating Gratitude Trees, Gratitude Garlands, and a Thankful Cornucopia.  Other families adopt families or causes that are important to them.  For example, my youngest son was born with a congenital heart defect – this year we will be providing Christmas gifts to a family with a child with a congenital heart defect.  These types of activities not only are helpful in raising a responsible, thankful, and giving child, but they also create wonderful family memories and can strengthen the family bond.

Dr. Lofrumento says that “Raising a responsible child means instilling in them a sense of philanthropy right from the start.”  Teaching moments are everywhere but, as parents, we are also faced with trying to raise our children in our modern over-materialistic society.  The Kidtelligent assessment can help by giving parents additional tools and insights into their children, based on their children’s unique personality and interests.

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