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The Kidtelligent Journey

It has been a long time in the works, but Kidtelligent is finally here!

I want to thank everyone who helped us get Kidtelligent developed and launched to kids, families and educators around the globe.

The idea for what would become Kidtelligent really hit me in 1992 when I was doing research on why some kids who seem to have the odds stacked against them end up doing just fine and why some kids who have so much in their favor tend to struggle.  As I entered my PhD program, the question continued to linger, but I was simply too busy and consumed to pay much attention to it at the time.  However, I did continue my research and studies around how to help kids succeed whenever I had a free moment.  Over time, my personal notes, writings, articles, etc. started to accumulate.

In 2008, despite all of my research and experience in psychology, I sat hopelessly watching my oldest son and my wife struggle with him completing his homework and generally keeping with schedules.  Over time, these struggles continued to get to the point of annoying and so I guess I was finally starting to pay more attention.  Sorry it took so long.  I figured my wife’s MA degree from the University of Chicago armed her with the skills to handle this issue.  After all, she has worked with kids from all ages and places, so what could I possibly offer.  It seems I forgot that objectivity and expertise sometimes fly out the window when it is your own kid!

So here we are, parents with PhDs and MA degrees struggling with our elementary school son, who is quite bright and well-behaved, to get him to do his homework and chores.  Then, the obvious hit me.  I seemed to have forgotten along the way of all the research I had read and conducted in my previous academic life that could be applied to this very dilemma.  So, I went to my research library and dug some things up.  I quickly realized that we needed a better framework to understand our son.  We were simply too close to the situation to really understand him in a different way that could be helpful to him and us.

I quickly began to put together what would become our Kidtelligent Survey.  My wife and I completed the survey about our son and suddenly we had a framework for understanding how to better work with him, help him achieve more and help us have an even better relationship with him.  We quickly began to apply that framework.

My wife who is quite organized and structured usually had my son do his homework 30 minutes after school and this is the genesis of where the struggles began.  Anyhow, with what we learned from the survey and the framework of my son’s personality, we made some adjustments.  Instead of forcing the issue, we realized our son did his best when allowed to have more flexibility and influence on when his homework got done…adjustment made, problem solved.

It dawned on me that all of this research on what makes kids successful was sitting in the halls and walls of academia and not readily available to moms and dads at home.  That just isn’t right!  So, with all of these ideas coming together, we decided it was time to help children, educators and parents get access to this information and use it right now in a way that can help their kids succeed and so they can build even better relationships with their kids by understanding them better.  What’s even more interesting is that we know so much about how the Kidtelligent framework impacts kids throughout their lives through jobs, relationships, sports, etc. that I can’t wait to share it with you.  Remember, one size doesn’t fit all like most books on parenting and kids presuppose.  Instead, just like tailored clothes fit the best, Kidtelligent helps you tailor experiences to help your child have the best chance at success.

So, look for more of Kidtelligent ideas right here. I will try to do my best to give you updates on a regular basis, but let me know what you want to talk about.

Dr. Jansen