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Web Connections: 3 Ways Parents Can Be More Involved In Their Childʼs Education

Many of us have already heard the bleak statistics about how American schools are lagging far behind other industrialized nations in education scores. HuffPost Education recently posted an online article that stated, “The Department of Education estimates the percentage of schools not meeting yearly targets for their students’ proficiency in math and reading could jump from 37 to 82 percent as states raise standards in attempts to satisfy the lawʼs (No Child Left Behind) mandates.”

That is why now, more than ever, parents need to become more involved in their childʼs education.

Studies have shown that students benefit in many ways related to parental involvement, including: better grades, better attendance, higher graduation rates, better self-esteem, less drug and alcohol use and less violent behavior. Link to Research

You donʼt have to be at every single school function or every PTA and school board meeting to make a difference. Being available for these events and meetings is important, but even more so, parents need to become more involved at home. The more you care about your childʼs education, the more they will take it seriously and care as well.

Below are 3 ways you can become more involved with your childʼs education.

Provide Real-World Experiences of Concepts Taught

Attend parent-teacher conferences– and ask your childʼs teacher ways you can enhance their education at home. Ask what concepts will be taught and determine a way to incorporate real-world experiences to apply these concepts at home or outside of school.

Go places to emphasize learning concepts. Take your child to the library and check out books related to the topic and concept and read them together. Take them to the museum or related exhibit or outside in nature with science topics.

Think of real-life examples of the concepts being taught. In math, think of some ways of how you would apply the mathematical rules. For example, if they are in baseball, help them figure out batting averages, etc. Or in science, find some educational websites that teach you how to do some experiments emphasizing science concepts with household items at home.

Help with Homework

Develop a homework routine-that works best for them. Find a location and set up a homework center away from distractions. Some kids do well in their room, others do better at the kitchen table. Some do well working by themselves, others do well with parents nearby.

Create a homework center-outfitted with all the necessary supplies to complete their work. If your child prefers to do homework at the kitchen table, create plastic bins outfitted with supplies, such as an art bin, a math bin, etc. Also include a calendar or dry erase board to keep track of weekly and monthly assignments and sporting events/ practices, etc.

Establish a homework time-and stick to this schedule as much as possible. Some kids do well getting their homework done right after school when they are still in school- mode; others need a break after school to get some exercise or a snack.

Establish a homework schedule. For elementary-aged chidren and into middle school, guide your child and help them organize their time with homework. Sit down with them in the beginning and determine what needs to be done, what is priority, how long it will take them, and if they will need help with any assignment. Having a daily homework planner can be very helpful.

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