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Web Connections: Homework Woes: When Your Child Just Doesn’t Care

We found this post on the Website Great Schools. Their post is called “Homework Case Study #2: The Refuser”  and reflects the attitudes of many kids in school today regarding homework: they don’t see the sense in it and they flat-out refuse to do it and tend to find ways to validate this attitude.

In the article, they describe a girl, Sarah, who is failing all her classes that she has homework in. She states she values her free time and her mother has tried rewards and punishments without success. There are no obvious issues with Sarah, such as learning disabilities or emotional issues. But there are ways Sarah’s mother can help.

Kidtelligent believes each child has a different learning style and, as parents, we need to pay attention to their style when we approach an issue such as homework.

For example, it’s best to give Kidtelligent Philosophers control of when their homework is done. School is often very structured and draining for them. When they come home, they need unstructured time and solitude to recover. As parents, it is okay to require information on what homework needs to be done and get an estimate of how long it will take, as well as the latest it should be started, but allow the Philosopher some degree of control over when it gets done.

With Kidtelligent Energizers, parents should make sure they have active time before homework time if school involves a lot of sitting still. And, be ready to interact with them during homework time—most Energizers accomplish more if they do things in spurts with breaks to move or talk through what they’re thinking about.

There are 14 other personality types with different learning styles within the Kidtelligent system. Find out what type your child is: