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Web Connections: Should You Tailor Your Parenting to Your Childʼs Personality?

We found a great blog post in Babble, called “When Mommy Is Laid Back and Her Kid Is a Spaz”  which addresses how our parenting styles need to match our kidʼs personality style.

Ever wonder why, no matter what you do, one of your kids listens to you and the other does not? Or one child appears sad and quiet and you canʼt get through to them and your other child is bubbly and thriving? Sound familiar? Well read on….

On Aug. 1st, a new study published by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, stated, “…parenting is a balance between stepping in and stepping out with guidance, support and structure based on cues from kids.” A parent must consider a childʼs personality when deciding how to react to certain circumstances.

The 3 year study also showed there is no one-size-fits-all to parenting and also pointed out that a good match between parent and child could reduce the risk of depression and anxiety symptoms by half. Fifty percent reduction in childrenʼs symptoms of anxiety and depression is seriously significant.

The study revealed that kids who were better able to control their emotions and behavior were more likely to be depressed and anxious with an over-controlling parent. Whereas kids who were less able to regulate their emotions and behavior benefitted from more structure and guidance. Knowing your childʼs personality and tailoring your parenting accordingly can set your child on a much better path to success in life.

This is why we are so passionate at Kidtelligent. Using 30 years of clinical data and personality research, Kidtelligent was designed to provide parents with valuable insight into their child’s personality and natural capabilities and strengths and then help them determine the appropriate paths to success in all areas of life, including education, athletics, relationships, etc.

If you are ready to find out your childʼs unique personality traits and learning style, visit our website. Once you (and/or your child) take the survey, you will have access to a wealth of reports, tip and resources by trained professionals tailored specifically for your childʼs personality.

Parenting is arguably the most difficult job in the world, but we can make a profound difference in our kidsʼ lives. Kidtelligent was designed to help make our jobs as parents a little easier.

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