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Web Connections: Unplugged: 5 Ways to Unplug Your Child and Reconnect

Mark Merrill’s post, The 4 R’s of Technology, makes a great point, “We’ve increased tech and decreased touch.” hyperlink to:

Our society has become increasingly dependent on technology. Technology use is expected, encouraged and taught in our schools, but the amount of time our kids are using technology at home has increased considerably.

The Symptoms of Too Much Tech

As a result, many childhood issues have developed as a result from our tech-obsessed society. Here are a few:
• attention problems
• family conflict

• impaired sleep
• developmental delays • attachment disorders • obesity

5 Steps to Unplug and Reconnect

As parents, we have a responsibility to monitor technology time and limit it’s use. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, no more than one to two hours per day of combined technology use is recommended. Average technology use for elementary age kids is 4 hours per day!

  1. Unplug yourself. Modeling balanced technology use will go a long way in shaping your children’s behaviors.
  2. Set aside family-only blocks of time once daily and devote a larger block of time on the weekends. Whether it be at dinner time, during the car ride to practice, or a few hours before bed, carve out this time and make it routine.
  3. Share with your child the reasons why they should limit technology use, as mentioned above. Just increasing awareness to these issues will help them make better decisions and cooperate.
  4. Make tech time a reward they need to earn after finishing homework, chores, etc., rather than treating it as a right.
  5. Have each family member write down 20 non-tech, realistic and inexpensive activities; include indoor and outdoor categories, then take turns and implement the activities. Examples: family cooking night, game night, build a snow fort, have a campfire, story night, etc.

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