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What is Kidtelligent?

Kidtelligent is a system based on 30 years of research in what helps kids address everyday challenges and be successful.

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Read Reports
Written by experts in personality types and education, you will have access to a detailed report for your child describing:

  • Behaviors you can expect at home
  • Reactions to various educational settings
  • Relationships with friends and family
  • Common interests and activities

Get Advice

Think of it as a personalized instruction manual for your child:

    • Comprehensive tips and resources for addressing everyday challenges
    • Targeted videos, articles, and tools
    • Real-time ideas from parents of other children like yours
    • Share what has worked for you

Make a Plan

The Kidtelligent system lets you create a focused plan for working with your child:

      • Understand your child’s unique strengths and development needs
      • Bookmark relevant tips and resources for you and your child
      • View your personalized plan and revisit ideas later

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