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What if My Child Really Doesn’t Fit In? Seven Tips to Help Your Child When He Feels Different From Everyone Else

Everyone’s had moments in their lives when they’ve felt as though no one else understood them – and it can be a very vulnerable and scary feeling.   If your child is having difficulty fitting in with their peer group, it can be very distressing for both the child and the parent.   It becomes even more painful if your child is picked on or bullied for being different.  With stories of bullying peppering the news, this is a very real issue that needs to be addressed.  On the Empowering Parents blog, James Lehman, MSW gives seven tips to help give your child the tools they need when faced with this situation (  Lehman elaborates on the following tips in his article:

  1. Try not to overreact when your child comes to you
  2. Let your child talk about it and give reassurance
  3. Affirm what you’ve heard
  4. “Try to find one friend first”
  5. Teach them how to read social situations
  6. The power of positive self-talk
  7. Let them know it’s okay to ask for help

We all want to be loved and accepted for the unique person we are.  If your child is having difficulty making friends, fitting in, or is experiencing teasing in their peer group, Kidtelligent can help!  The Kidtelligent assessment can help identify your child’s unique personality type and assist you with empowering them to be the best and most confident person they can be.  Find out more at, and follow us on Facebook at

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